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Prep Your Quilt

Your backing should be 6″ to 10" longer and wider than your quilt top and should be squared off so that there are no uneven edges and your backing can be pinned on straight. Please make sure backing fabric is as close to 6"-10" bigger on each side for both batting and backing, but please no more than 10" wider than your top. Bigger is not always better because its difficult to pin on a king size backing for a twin size quilt.

Use only cotton fabric (no sheets please) for your backing. Choose your backing color with the front thread color in mind since the same thread color will be used for the front and back of your quilt.

If you are piecing your backing, please do not create a border on the back of the quilt. Add any extra fabric in the center of the backing, not on or near the edges. We cannot guarantee the outcome of any backings that are pieced. I love to piece my backings, but I can't always control how it rolls on the machine. I will gladly accept quilts with pieced backings as long as you are aware that there is a risk of them shifting during the loading and quilting process.

Press your quilt top and backing. Mark the top of your quilt and backing with a safety pin. Be sure that you cut loose threads so they won’t show through on the top of your quilt.

If you are planning on using buttons or other embellishments it is best to add them after the quilt is quilted. Some appliques are okay to add, but not all appliques can be quilted
through. Please make sure there are no holes in any seams or any pins in the quilt top.

Lastly, please DO NOT baste your quilt. We have a specific way we have to pin the quilt on and are unable to guarantee the integrity of the quilting if it is basted first.

Feel free to bring your own batting or you can purchase mine. I usually use the shortest side of the quilt to measure out batting. So it is safe to assume you will use this much batting. (ie if your quilt is 92X70, I would cut 76 (six extra for quilting) inches of batting. 76/36 = 2.11 yds. I return all extra batting and backing to the customer.
Batting Material
Quilters Dream
6 oz. 100% Bamboo
Quilters Dream
Quilters Dream
Percent/Type of Filler
80/20 Blend
100% Deluxe Cotton
100% Bamboo
80/20 Blend
100% Wool
Cost per yard
$8/yd (.22 per inch)
$14/yd (.40 per inch)
$14/yd (.40 per inch)
$10/yd (.30 per inch)
$15/yd (.42 per inch)


Choosing a pattern can sometimes be the most difficult part of the process. Visit my Quilting design page to view options. If you are unsure and need help designing your quilt, please feel free to email or call me. I am always happy to help! You can also write "quilters choice" on the order form and just tell me what price range to stay in.
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