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Machine Quilting Services

We Provide professional computerized long-arm quilting for your quilt tops

We provide professional computerized long-arm quilting for your quilt tops.

Do you love quilting piecing quilt tops but don’t have the time or patience to quilt your quilt tops yourself?

Do you find it challenging to try and wrestle that quilt through your domestic sewing machine?

Do you find it hard on your shoulders and back?

Do you have quilt tops from your Mom or Grandmother that you would like completed so you could have them out where you could enjoy them?

Creating your quilt takes time, careful planning and expertise. I understand the importance your quilt has to you, and I can help you finish it with the same careful execution you started with.

Available Batting and Pricing

Batting Material
Quilters Dream
6 oz. 100% Bamboo
Quilters Dream
Quilters Dream
Percent/Type of Filler
80/20 Blend
100% Deluxe Cotton
100% Bamboo
80/20 Blend
100% Wool
Cost per yard
$8/yd (.22 per inch)
$14/yd (.40 per inch)
$14/yd (.40 per inch)
$10/yd (.30 per inch)
$15/yd (.42 per inch)
Longarm Quilt Service Pricing
The cost of long arm quilting is calculated by the square inch. Please see the formula below:

  • Quilt's Width x Height = total square inches x 0.02.
  • Example: Quilt measures 80" x 80", so 80 x 80 = 6400 sq inches x 0.02 = $128.00
  • Minimum $50 charge