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FAQ about T-shirt Quilting

Q: How long does it take to make my quilt?
A: Typically, it will take 4-6 weeks to make your quilt. I schedule on a first come first serve basis. If you pay your deposit online, your quilt is entered into our system and scheduled. Once I receive your shirts, I can get started. If you mail a check for your deposit, your quilt will be entered on the schedule once your check clears the bank.
Please keep in mind that scheduling your quilt is especially important during my busiest times such as before Graduation and Christmas.

Q: Can I use the front and back of a T-Shirt?
A: Absolutely!; it's your quilt! it will count as two T-Shirts since they will make two blocks in the quilt.

Q: What about pockets, images on sleeves and small logos from the front of the shirt; can you use them?
A: Yes, I can. For $10.00 per block extra, I can combine them to make a big quilt block. Please tape or pin a note on any T-Shirt that you would like to be combined.

Q: What size are the blocks in the TShirt quilt?
A: For adult TShirts, we cut them into a 15" square. That size seems to work the best because it is large enough that we usually don't have to cut off any of the image. It also allows us to center the tshirt image. Children's clothing tends to be best cut into 12" blocks. If you desire a specifc size, please let us know.

Q: Will I get my unused T-Shirts sent back to me?
A: Sure. I send back any T-shirts you sent that were not used in the quilt. Keep in mind that this could increase the weight and therefore the cost of return shipping to you. It's most cost-effective to only send the shirts you want used in your quilt. I do not send back the scraps and trimmings from the tshirts. I use those scraps to fill pillowcases that I donate to Cypress Mutt Rescue. These scraps make great filler for these dog beds.

Q: Can I bring you my T-shirts rather than shipping them to you?
A: Of course! If you are in the greater Houston area, you can schedule an appointment to visit my studio to drop off your tshirts. We also offer a Pick Up service for the Greater Houston area for an additional fee. Send us an email to set an appointment or to arrange our pick up service.

Q: I'm ready! How do I place my order for a T-Shirt quilt?
A: Just click on the Get Started link. Print out the T-Shirt Order Form and fill it out completely. Pay your $100 deposit online to schedule your quilt. Sort your shirts into 4 piles (front only, back only, front and back, and Special Handling) and send us your clean, uncut T-Shirts to the address shown on the order form. Be sure to include the completed order form with your T-Shirts (and a check for the deposit if you didn't pay online). When I receive your T-Shirts, I will email you to let you know they have arrived.

Q: Can I choose the fabric colors to be used in my T-shirt Quilt?
A: You can designate colors on the order form. You can also tell us what color(s) NOT to use. Can't handle the pressure of choosing the perfect fabric? No Worries, when we email you to tell you your shirts have arrived, we'll discuss fabric options that we feel will compliment your shirts.

Q: Can I send you the fabric I want to use in my quilt?
A: Sure. We use only the best; highest quality 100% cotton fabric and we suggest you do the same. If you'd like to send your fabric, email or call us to discuss how much yardage is required.