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We Make Your Memory Quilt Process Secure and Simple

Why choose us?
Choose us to make your T-shirt quilt because...

First and foremost, we are quilters. We love the entire process from petting fabric, browsing patterns, using the latest tools and gadgets and drooling over the latest quilts from our favorite designers. Since we are quilters ourselves, we know that quality is important and use only the highest quality 100% cotton fabric and batting to produce a quilt that can be used, loved, washed and washed again, and last for decades.

Why you don't have to worry!
We take out the risk.

Having a t-shirt quilt made from your treasured memory t-shirts is exciting, but it can also make you a little worrisome. Your shirts, jerseys and other pieces of clothing are irreplaceable: what if something happens? We work to take all the risk out of having a t-shirt quilt made. We don’t ask you to cut your own shirts or choose a layout. That’s what we’re here for! *although if you have a layout you prefer, just email us a picture or include a sketch in with your tshirts and we'll be happy to follow your layout.

How we Quilt To Last!
We build your quilt to last.

While you've probably found places that can create you a t-shirt quilt or blanket made cheaply, the old adage applies: you get what you pay for. Those blankets or quilts may look good at first, but they aren’t made to last. They either won’t be machine quilted and will fall apart in time, or are backed with cheap fabric that will bleed color and ruin your shirts after the first washing. These cheaper options usually don't include batting (the super soft cotton that goes in the middle of your tshirt quilt top and the backing fabric) and you'll end up with a very thin, flimsy blanket that will not wash well or hold up to use well, it also won't have the warmth that a 'true quilt' has.

At Brookside Farm Quilts we value our talent and use only high quality materials, so our t-shirt quilts are made to last, are machine washable and made by hands who are happiest when creating these one of a kind quilts. Additionally, we’re constantly striving to improve our processes to deliver a high quality quilt as efficiently as possible. We have invested in the latest computerized quilting technology to produce the best quilts at the lowest price for our valued customers. You can trust us with your t-shirts.