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Welcome to Brookside Farm Quilts

Are you looking for a trusted and experienced partner to turn your beloved quilt tops or cherished clothing into stunning, one-of-a-kind keepsakes? Look no further than Brookside Farm Quilts!

With over 20 years experience and state-of-the-art machinery, we're here to bring your "quilty vision" to life or preserve your cherished memories in the most beautiful way possible.

No, we DON'T live on a farm. Then why did I name my business Brookside Farm Quilts?

It was my Grandmother's love of quilts, which has undoubtedly inspired me to embark on this journey.
I wanted to pay homage to the cherished memories of visiting my grandparents' farm in Michigan. When I hear the name Brookside Farm, it reminds me of my Grandfather's love for John Deere tractors, all the hard work and dedication that he poured into his farming endeavors, and how much he enjoyed sharing his nightly tin roof sundae with me while we rocked in his chair. I recall my Grandmother's exceptional skills as a baker, gardener and quilter. There was always at least one molasses cookie in the cookie jar, and the days harvest of fresh picked green beans or carrots on the stove.

For me, the memories I have on Brookside Farm are a delightful reminder of the precious connection between family, nature, and the art of quilting.

Customer Comments: 

Lauren W. - Katy, TX

Amy made me a t-shirt quilt a few years ago. She took my favorite t-shirts from high school and created something sentimental that I have loved and used ever since! The quilt is beautiful, soft and very well-made.  I love the level of craftsmanship that was put into my quilt; all of the fine detail she incorporated made it SO unique and personalized.  I highly recommend Amy to create your customized t-shirt quilt. It was the perfect high school graduation gift!
Katie S. - Cypress, TX

I had a quilt made for my husband out of his fathers old Harley Davidson shirts. The quilt is more than I could have expected! The quality and detail is incredible. I just gave her the shirts and a rough idea of what I wanted and she ran with it. The stitching is patterned as flames to go with the Harley Davidson theme. The small orange touches make the shirts pop even more! She took a pile of t-shirts and made them into a keepsake.
Selina A. - Houston, TX

I show off my son's T-shirt quilt ALL the time because I love it so much!  It's a great way to document his High School years.  I'm already saving college T-shirts for his next quilt.

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